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Hockey Lessons

Individual Lessons

Individual hockey lessons can be taken during Hertz Arena’s Stick N Puck sessions. All hockey players must wear full equipment on the ice and bring their own stick. Hertz Arena provides the nets and pucks for the skaters to practice with. During this time period a coach may accompany the player out on the ice for private instruction. Each instructor must be contacted ahead of time. The player is responsible for both the ice cost and coaching fee. For times and dates please see the Stick N Puck schedule. If a group setting is more desired please look into Hertz’s Learn to Play classes.

Download Stick n' Puck Schedule

Private Instructors

Lesson rates are per half hour.

Instructor Phone Number Rate
Josh Robinson Elite Goaltending Skills 989-928-4083 $50
James Johnstone Jr Advanced Skills 239-961-0092 $35
Johnny Pelletier Advanced Skills 239-687-6677 $39.5
Matt Spiller Advanced Skills 239-810-2732 $40
Suzanne Luis Power Skating / Edges 239-478-5969 $45
Ryan Brindley Elite Skills 239-745-5432 $50
Devon Rodrigues Defensive Skills 239-785-4728 $25
Mike Shields Goaltending Skills 239-895-2911 $30
David Lundbohm All Skills 239-989-3224 $50
Ben Schmidt All Skills 303-668-2945 $35
Jim Johnstone Sr All Skills 239-992-1079 $38
Josh Youakim Goaltending Skills 727-243-9332 $25
Todd Pococke Elite Skills 989-996-0356 $40
Mike Delaney Elite Skills 813-498-8345 $35
Austin Petersen All Skills 239-398-0364 $25

Learn To Play Hockey

Please contact Tony Lessel, Hockey Director, at 239-948-7825 x 1303 or via email at tonyl@floridaeverblades.com

For any information about Learning to Play Hockey.

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